Somich & Associates CPAs, the distinguished full-service accounting firm renowned for its steadfast commitment to empowering family-owned businesses, welcomes Karen Baksa as their Tax Director. 

Embracing the Somich & Associates CPAs culture, Karen shares, “On my first visit to the office, I could tell the firm’s atmosphere was different than what I was used to. It was bright and inviting, and you could see the commitment to client service and excellence just by the items that were hung on the walls. Once I met the team, I knew it was part of the firm culture.”

As a dedicated professional in public accounting, Karen’s journey was sparked by a unique twist of fate. Reflecting on her path, she notes, “I had a tough time after college finding a job and finally landed a job working in management for a large restaurant chain. One of my responsibilities was preparing the weekly and monthly financial reporting statements of sales and costs. I enjoyed that kind of work, so I returned to school and got a degree in accounting and tax.”

With her passion for accounting and a commitment to excellence, Karen Baksa envisions a future for Somich & Associates CPAs built on solid growth and a deep commitment to clients and the community.

At Somich & Associates CPAs, the firm culture shines brightly, where every team member is valued as an integral part of the whole. Karen highlights, “The firm culture is truly one where the staff is equally as important as the clients. Work-life balance begins at the top, and it’s not just something they say. It’s something they do every day. Everyone here believes in a team-based approach and helps each other whenever needed. The leadership team is committed to ensuring the staff has everything they need to provide great service to the clients while leaving time for personal pursuits.”

Karen emphasizes that clients should consider working with Somich & Associates CPAs due to the exceptional team’s dedication to client service and helping clients achieve their goals. She adds, “We have a great team here – very committed to client service and helping clients achieve their goals. Everyone tries to look beyond the routine accounting and tax services to find ways to help our clients. We keep up with the latest tax law changes and news and are always looking for things we can use to optimize our client’s accounting and tax positions.”

Karen Baksa’s addition exemplifies the firm’s ongoing commitment to offering top-notch accounting and tax services and developing their team.  “From day one, Karen has been a welcome addition to our firm and has had an immediate impact.  She is passionate about training and developing our younger staff which is critical as we continue to grow”, says Andrew Somich, President of Somich & Associates.

For further information, please visit Somich & Associates CPAs’ website at somichcpa.com or contact them by phone at (216) 250-4533.

About Somich & Associates CPAs: Somich & Associates CPAs is a leading full-service accounting firm specializing in assisting family-owned businesses. Their mission is to offer expert accounting and tax services focused on enhancing clients’ bottom-line growth, safeguarding their financial assets, preparing them for sustained growth, and positioning them confidently for the future.